Best Boarding Schools in Haryana 2024

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Haryana has garnered much recognition for its educational initiatives and houses renowned boarding schools that offer holistic learning experiences for parents seeking holistic learning solutions. These institutions combine academic rigour, character building and cultural immersion for an exceptional educational experience.

1. GD Goenka International School

G.D. Goenka International School,Sonepat is a boarding school for boys and girls in the Northern part of India, committed to create an environment where in children are happy and eager learners. We support them with a safe & secure environment to individually excel in their abilities. Academic, Sports and various activities are balanced to engage the student positively and inspire competitive & team-spirit attributes in them.

day-cum-boarding school

With excellence in educational qualities like Globalization and Internationalization wherein always tinkle the beauty of this new era school with the facility of dining hall, incomparable sports facilities and digital classrooms. The hale and hearty infrastructure, well maintained dazzling campus with stirring doorway adjoins the values to the beauty accompanied by the library with all mod cons, precise laboratories and a fanatical(keen) and dexterous academics supports an unbeatable and rosy environs to privilege the students yardstick amongst the best in the world.

Every single piece of marble has a splendid statue in it, but it needs to be chiseled timely and perfectly to create a unique statue. This chiseling is done by professionals and experienced staff who are masters of their subjects. Our team of teachers create opportunities to explore, debate construct and enrich their knowledge. Experiential learning opens new avenues and experiments with their adventurous creativity. We maintain a low teacher student ratio to engage in a meaningful and effective dialogue.

2. Apollo International School

Apollo International School aims to establish a firm foundation for students seeking higher studies in management. It offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Banking & Insurance BBA (BBIB) and Hotel Management programs affiliated with Pokhara University, complete with state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, libraries with learning resources and support services; diverse curriculum offerings and extracurricular activities for its students.

Students enrolled at boarding schools can learn to become independent and self-reliant through living in an organized boarding environment. By following an schedule that includes meals, study time and leisure time activities they develop discipline while becoming more mature and responsible than their counterparts who attend day schools.

The boarding School also provides its students with a safe and secure educational environment, featuring CCTV cameras and security guards around its campus, an infirmary with in-house nurses and visiting doctors as well as an infirmary where in-house nurses work alongside visiting doctors – an ideal choice for parents who want their child to receive top quality education in a secure location.

Parents need to carefully consider multiple factors when selecting a Boarding School. Skoodos’ comprehensive guide offers all of the information parents require so that they can make an informed decision and find their child the ideal school. Our team of experts is on hand to assist parents find what will best serve their children.

3. Delhi Public School

This boarding school is widely respected for its academic excellence and for equipping generations of students for an ever-evolving world. Students at this institution are encouraged to explore their creativity while developing essential career-related skills. Furthermore, extracurricular activities including sports, arts and music are available.

No matter where in India or around the world you reside, DPS can provide your child with an outstanding education. They strive to raise the quality of education throughout India and around the globe while being an expert source on school quality information that empowers parents to discover their child’s potential.

DPS Rohini is one of 13 “Core Schools” under direct management by DPS Society and affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education for classes ranging from Nursery through Class XII. Offering various learning programs and facilities such as science labs, math labs, art studios and workshops as well as open spaces designed specifically for play and sport activities – DPS Rohini stands out as an exceptional option!

The school provides various sports and physical activities, such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, swimming and yoga, in addition to physical education classes such as cricket. Furthermore, healthy eating habits and good sleep routines are stressed in addition to peace and social justice promotion activities like feeding homeless individuals or visiting an orphanage.

4. Stanford International School

This leading US-centric boarding school is an attractive choice for students from around the country and abroad, and offers education from kindergarten through Grade XII under IB and IGCSE programs. Beyond core academics, extracurricular activities at this US-centric school also promote holistic development – such as music theatre, arts classes and MUN – providing holistic learning. There is also state-of-the-art technology centre, professional theatre productions and swimming pools on-campus with CCTV security for added safety; medical facilities can also be found close by should an emergency arises; students are taken directly to one of these hospitals if necessary.

Boarding schools provide an inclusive educational environment where learners are cared for like members of their own families. With better-structured learning opportunities and healthy lifestyle promotion initiatives that foster independence in students, boarding schools foster learning for everyone involved while simultaneously nurturing leadership capabilities through participation in extracurricular and club activities.

Students can enjoy twin-sharing study bedrooms with attached bathrooms in a homely atmosphere and are overseen by residence parents who offer 24/7 care and supervision. The campus boasts amenities for the students such as cafeteria, infirmary, tutorial and laundry services – in addition to school programs which introduce them to industry experts, Nobel laureates, poets, artists, authors, the Bloomberg chairman and Olympic medallists who meet and mentor young students.

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