4 Cheapest VoIP Phone Services in October 2023

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Your business must make sure to maximize the return on its VoIP phone system investment by minimizing costs without compromising call quality or service levels.

Start by identifying your team’s short and long-term goals as well as calling needs; this will enable you to narrow down potential providers.


1. RingCentral

Considerations when selecting a VoIP phone system are many. Some include how many users will use the system, features needed and budget constraints. With such criteria in mind, narrowing your choices becomes much simpler.

RingCentral is a global VoIP service provider offering affordable and dependable VoIP services that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes – from small startups to enterprise level organizations. Their platform serves as a complete communications suite, giving teams all of the tools necessary for effective collaboration.

RingCentral gives users one place to view and manage all their calls, chats, meetings, files, and more in a simple interface. Users can easily access and control the system from any device; additionally, third-party integrations enable easier workflows and focus data into one central hub.

RingCentral provides plans and products designed to fit every budget. Many of their best features can be found for free while their premium plan tiers provide additional perks such as call blocking, 911 support and Amazon Alexa integration. Each plan comes backed with a 30-day money back guarantee – they even offer free trials so that users can try before they buy!

2. 8×8

8×8 is an ideal solution for companies requiring communication across various departments, countries and regions. This is due to its comprehensive set of features – from video and voice calls to texting and faxing – making the platform accessible via mobile devices while remaining compatible with most 4G/cellular networks and offering long-distance calling at no additional cost.

8×8 may not be the cheapest provider on this list, but it is one of the more cost-effective choices for businesses seeking comprehensive VoIP phone solutions. This VoIP provider provides standard features like auto attendants, virtual phone numbers, call recording, visual voicemail services, HD voice calls, multi-user conference calls and multi-user conference bridge calls with multi-user conference bridge. In addition, 8×8 provides free trials as well as 30-day money back guarantees.

This company boasts an expansive support center and Knowledge Base to connect customers to self-help articles on features, devices, accounts and more. They also offer third-party integrations which are beneficial for large businesses such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Zendesk integrations as well as presence detection features which alert team members if an employee fails to appear for meetings or projects; helping eliminate inefficiency while keeping teams on task.

3. Google Voice

Google Voice offers one of the lowest priced VoIP phone services, making it ideal for businesses on a tight budget. However, keep in mind that quality may depend on your internet connection.

Ooma offers an advanced VoIP solution suitable for business and home users alike, featuring features such as virtual receptionist, call transfer, ring groups, SMS messaging, music on hold and much more. Plus it’s compatible with many popular hardware devices – though keep in mind its more advanced features intended for business use require subscription and higher-priced plans!

Small business VoIP phone solutions provide numerous advantages to small businesses, including lower hardware requirements, IT demands and calling costs. VoIP can save your company money on recurring expenses; typically 30-50% cheaper than traditional landlines. They also come equipped with productivity-enhancing features, like call analytics and dashboards which allow supervisors to track agent performance; filter by day/week/month as needed and monitor trends in call volume, contact information usage as well as more – accessible via desktop and mobile applications alike!

4. Vonage

Vonage is a popular VoIP phone provider for businesses, offering competitive pricing plans with comprehensive features that help teams stay connected. Their plans offer conference calling features and text messaging services for seamless team communication across locations – even if one team member lives across an ocean! HD voice and video calls ensure everyone can communicate efficiently even if located far apart.

Grasshopper offers another low-priced VoIP phone service option suitable for small businesses, especially solepreneurs like photographers or consultants. Choose local or toll-free numbers, make and receive calls using mobile apps, enjoy a seven-day free trial, with full refunds provided if cancellation occurs.

Though not as user-friendly as some VoIP phone providers, RingCentral still provides great value. Their entry-level plan starts at $15 monthly with unlimited monthly minutes – complete with automated attendants, directory assistance, music on hold and extension dialing features as well as Conversation Analyzer’s robust call reporting feature that transcribes and analyzes customer dialogues.

DialPad and 1-VoIP are two low-price VoIP phone services to consider; both offer competitive pricing and have been recognized by PC Magazine readers as top providers. Furthermore, both offer 24/7 live support – although 1-VoIP scores lower on customer service ratings than its rivals.

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