Top Boarding School in Sonepat Haryana

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Top boarding school in Sonipat Haryana is an amazing environment where your child can flourish and expand their horizons. Not only is Sonipat an enjoyable place to reside in but there are amazing boarding schools available which will provide your child with an outstanding education.

Explore a comprehensive list of Sonipat boarding schools offering both national and international curricula. Full boarding or day cum boarding options may also be available, along with additional filters for search such as Boarding type, School level, Student-to-Teacher ratio etc.

Top boarding school in sonipat haryana

1. GD Goenka International School

GD Goenka International School in Sonipat is one of the finest co-ed boarding schools, providing education from Playgroup through Grade XII. Affiliated with CBSE board, this state-of-the-art infrastructure enhances students’ learning experiences ranging from high tech labs and well stocked libraries to large playgrounds and hygienic cafeterias – not forgetting its exceptional faculty that provide personalized attention to each child!

The school strives to instil values into young minds and shape their personalities, offering extra-co-curricular activities that foster independence while helping the student develop socially, emotionally, and mentally. Furthermore, leadership training equips them with taking responsibility and working cooperatively rather than competing against one another.

Shri Anjani Kumar Goenka, one of India’s progressive industrialists, founded this school with his vision and passion. The foundation for it lies within his belief that an education empowers individuals to think creatively while making informed decisions; these values form the core of every activity at school as they permeate its structure.

2. Bal Bhavan International School

This English Medium Senior Secondary school, situated in Badout near Sonepat and affiliated with CBSE offers multiple facilities for its students to pursue both studies and extra-curricular activities.

This boarding school strives to educate its pupils holistically by offering an education that promotes emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each student. Their goal is to mold future leaders while imparting values which will enable them to make an impactful contribution in society.

Bal Bhavan Public School in Gannaur has completed over fifty years and become one of the best schools in Haryana and Delhi-NCR region. It owes its existence to Late Sh. G. C Lagan who believed in “GOODNESS BEFORE GREATNESS”, setting up this renowned institution. Today it boasts several branches like Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar Swasthya Vihar Gandhi Nagar for quality Education to children from different parts of India.

This school is well known for its amazing teachers and student teachers, boasting high teacher satisfaction levels and offering competitive pay scales compared to similar schools nearby. Furthermore, this institution also offers great employee benefits – please follow this link for more details about salaries at this institution.

3. Gateway International School

Gateway International School, situated in Sonipat, offers students a safe learning environment in which to learn English along with other subjects. Their campus covers approximately 10 acres and features state-of-the-art facilities; Gateway is accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education and offers curriculum options such as the Indian School Certificate (ISC) and Cambridge International Primary Programme.

Our boarding school is a coeducational day/residential institute with an emphasis on holistic student development. With its state-of-the-art Art & Craft Activity Rooms, making this school one of the best schools in Haryana for extracurricular activities, Day Boarding & Hostel facilities are also provided to meet parents’ individual needs.

Gateway International School’s teachers enjoy an average annual take-home pay of Rs3.4 Lakh, which is calculated based on the national teacher salary average in India.

Employees at Gateway International School rate the Work-Life Balance highly, giving it a rating of 3.6 out of 5, among other factors that influence ratings such as Salary & Benefits and Culture & Values. You can gain more information about what it’s like working at this school by viewing reviews on AmbitionBox as well as consulting the questions & answers section – where additional helpful questions relating to working at this particular school may also be found.

4. Haryana Public School

This school is well known for its innovative teaching methods that aim to capture students’ interest and enable them to learn at their own pace. Furthermore, extracurricular activities allow the children to showcase their talents outside the classroom, making this school an excellent option for parents looking for exposure to different cultures in their child’s early education experience.

Mission of School : Our goal at School is to provide our students with an all-around, value-driven education that fosters intellectual excellence while cultivating multifaceted human development, while inculcating healthy moral values. The campus is well maintained with state of the art facilities such as library, computer labs, and sports grounds.

School 125 provides classes from grades one through twelve and is affiliated with the CBSE board, boasting a strong academic history. Their teachers are all highly-qualified professionals committed to developing student talent and creativity.

Admission requirements to top boarding schools in Sonipat, Haryana include an entrance test, interview and verification of documents. Applicants should review each school’s website or contact directly for more details, such as fees structure. These schools provide safe and secure environments that encourage their students to flourish as individuals while developing independence in preparation for college life and beyond.

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