6 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas to Copy Right Now

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Modern kitchen ideas hinge on sleek cabinetry and open shelving – to achieve this look, opt for dark hues, white worktops and cabinets, black hardware fixtures and black fixtures in your design scheme.

By mixing organic materials like wood and marble into a modern kitchen design, warmth will be brought in through its organic textures. Plush bar stools add comfort and can complete this minimalist design style in style!

6 modern kitchen design ideas to copy right now

1. Glass Front Cabinetry

One of the more popular modern kitchen design ideas is replacing solid cabinet doors with glass panels. This style works especially well in larger kitchens with many cabinets as it breaks up their monotony while visually opening up space. Furthermore, this is ideal for frequent entertainers as this style eliminates having to look through numerous upper cabinets for plates or coffee mugs when entertaining guests.

Transparent cabinet doors provide the ideal backdrop to display beautiful crockery, crystal or other decorative items. Choose standard clear glass or opt for more subdued options like acid wash glass, frost glass, leaded seeded or textured options for more subtle displays. Inserts may even be further customized using mullions for an entirely tailored feel.

At the forefront of choosing glass front cabinets is making sure that items are organized and not disorganized behind it – otherwise you risk creating an untidy space!

2. Mirrored Islands

Although mirror surfaces may seem out-of-place in modern kitchen design, they can add an unexpected focal point and complement marble countertops and brass hardware beautifully. Plus, mirror surfaces reflect light beautifully – providing natural illumination while adding some shimmery flair!

If you prefer dark tones, opt for an island that serves dual-purpose: prepping and dining. Connect banquette seating to this island to add extra coziness.

White may remain the go-to choice, but don’t be intimidated to explore other colors for your island. Light blue shades with teal green or gold hardware is a beautiful combination that pairs nicely with wood barstools for an organic natural look. Wine cabinets built into islands can free up space in a fridge while keeping bottles and glasses organized and readily available.

3. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an integral element of modern kitchen design, as they bring attention to dishes and glassware instead of hiding them away behind cabinet doors. Open shelving also helps create an airy and bright feeling in the room as well as showing off an eye-catching tile backsplash.

Shelving also allows homeowners to easily transform the look of their kitchen seasonally or according to what kind of cuisine they’re cooking by changing out the items on their shelves. For instance, changing out lemonade pitchers for earth-toned mugs and kettles transforms a shelf into an instant bar area.

Installing floating shelves requires knowing they can only be as strong as their mounting brackets, which should always be attached securely into wall studs or masonry blocks to avoid gradual loosening over time. Don’t use Command Strips to hang them; always install brackets directly into them for best results.

4. Gallery Wall

Though gallery walls are more commonly associated with living areas, they’re perfectly appropriate in kitchens too, particularly open plan ones. Here, the combination dining area-kitchen layout includes an art wall that brings all of its colors together as an aesthetic focal point – including this vibrant mural of artwork and photographs from local artist.

For an eclectic aesthetic, shoot for two to four inches between each frame in your arrangement. Start with larger frames as anchors; then layer smaller sizes as accents until creating a 3-D effect.

Even basic pieces can be transformed into art with a bit of creativity and ingenuity. Take this modern kitchen decor idea, for instance: clustering gold serving utensils together into an eye-catching wall display is one such example of artful transformation. Pro Tip: When hanging frames on walls use picture hanging hooks instead of nails or screws because these smaller hooks can go between wall studs without creating holes to repair later on.

5. Natural Light

When searching for kitchen lighting ideas, linear fixtures that offer a modern take on classic styles should be your focus. Pendant lights, parallel rows of spotlights or even ceiling recessed lights that look like light bulbs all provide eye-catching fixtures if they feature similar shades and forms; just make sure the entire space remains cohesive visually appealing.

Pale countertops can help amplify natural lighting, as can an eye-catching backsplash with interesting patterns. Just be sure to select an anti-stain material like marble or quartz.

Rather than hiding unsightly masonry walls and exposed plumbing from view in your kitchen, designer Lynn Kloythanomsup used faux partitions in this San Francisco kitchen to disguise them. She chose redwood veneer over real brick to reduce costs, as well as cabinets to prevent her coffee station from looking overstuffed with appliances.

6. Bold Tile Backsplash

Backsplashes protect kitchen walls from water splatters and other everyday spills, providing homeowners with an opportunity to play with color and pattern in an eye-catching way. From eye-catching backsplashes in bold patterns such as tile to natural stone surfaces – bold kitchen ideas provide homeowners with endless ways to make their custom kitchen stand out.

In this modern kitchen, a dark backsplash with golden hues gives the space a neutral yet lively vibe. Textured tiles pair nicely with flat-front cabinets and brass wall sconces for a sleek design aesthetic; further adding brightness and reflection qualities. A mirrored countertop adds another reflective dimension.

Add country charm to a modern kitchen space by incorporating patterns featuring stripes, woodland designs, tweed, floral or other rustic patterns into the design of your space. Displaying collections of mugs, tea towels and oven mitts that coordinate colors is another timeless way to give it that country feel.

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