Custom Neon Signs Vs LED Neon Signs

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LED Neon Signs offer a cost-effective, energy efficient alternative to traditional neon signage, with easier setup and less power usage required for operation. Furthermore, these LED neon signs tend to last longer while needing minimal maintenance and repair over time.

These signs feature strips of LEDs which light up when subject to high-voltage current, making it perfect for small businesses and cafes seeking to attract attention.

 Neon signs


Neon signs can be an excellent way to grab passerby attention or attract people into your establishment, though traditional glass neon signs tend to require higher energy usage than LED options and the cost depends on its duration.

Although traditional neon signs typically last between 5-10 years, they require significantly more power. Furthermore, over time the gas may wear away and require replacement; fortunately, most neon signs can now be retrofitted with LED lights, giving you the best of both worlds!

LED neon signs are more cost-effective than their glass counterparts due to not requiring special glass bending techniques and being simpler and cheaper to produce. Furthermore, they use less electricity and are therefore more energy-efficient while being safer to work with than their glass counterparts as they don’t make a buzzing sound or become hot to touch when in use.

LEDs encased in flexible materials are secured to shatter-proof acrylic backboards for indoor or outdoor applications, providing a more efficient use of space than glass alternatives. LEDs also come in more colors than traditional neon, making them more adaptable when creating effects such as animations or borders.


Custom Neon signs are an efficient and dependable signage option. Constructed to last over time with minimal upkeep required, they’re an ideal long-term and cost-effective signage option that can also be tailored to suit an array of individual needs and preferences.

These uniquely designed signs make an elegant addition to any home, office or event space. Constructed of glass neon tubes filled with various noble gases that emit various colors when electrically charged, these signs come in an assortment of colors and can even be bent tighter than traditional neon signs – not to mention they use less energy and thus offer an eco-friendly solution!

As opposed to traditional neon signs, LED neon light doesn’t use toxic gases like mercury for illumination. Instead, its tubes are protected from heat by durable PVC flex housing with rubber coating for heat insulation – making this an easy and safe solution for any space!

LED neon lights do not produce heat like their traditional counterparts, making them safer for use at homes and events. Furthermore, their more flexible nature compared to traditional neon signs makes them an excellent way to display brand messages in a unique manner. Businesses that want to create unique ways of advertising often opt for LED neon signs as part of their branding strategies.


Neon signs are a great choice for public environments where multiple people will touch the sign, since they do not heat up as much and don’t emit gases or fumes like traditional glass signs do. Furthermore, their durability makes them safer in homes where children or pets may touch it and they can easily be switched off once no longer needed.

Neon signs offer several benefits over traditional ones, including being composed of flexible tubing. This makes them easier to hang on walls or place in tight spaces; some signs even feature hooks to facilitate this task. Furthermore, neon signs are easier to keep clean compared to their counterparts which may become damaged from dust accumulation over time.

When searching for neon signs to add to your home, be sure to select ones certified as UL or CE compliant. These certifications ensure the sign will last and feature high-quality LED bulbs which shine evenly. Avoid signs without these certifications as these could be counterfeit products of lower quality.

Neon signs are an easy and stylish way to express your individuality and showcase your personality. Not only can they come in various colors, but you can customize the sign with quotes or lyrics from your favorite songs that can make it truly yours – or create one using custom messages!


LED neon signs offer significant cost-cutting advantages compared to their traditional glass counterparts in terms of maintenance costs and lifespan. Furthermore, they require less upkeep and can outlive traditional glass neons significantly longer while using less energy and being easily switched off and on at will – making them an excellent option for businesses of any kind.

LED neon signs offer several distinct advantages over their classic neon counterparts when it comes to transportability, including flexible and lightweight designs that are easy to take anywhere – weddings, birthday parties, tradeshows or any other events that require illuminated signage. Furthermore, they produce no heat compared to classic neons which may result in fragile glass tubes breaking.

Of course, LED neon signs should still be kept out of reach of children as they can easily be damaged if handled roughly. Furthermore, improper placement could expose it to water and dust exposure; keeping your neon sign clean is vital in prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its aesthetic value; the best way is using a feather duster or nylon brush; for an alternative cleaning solution you could mix ammonia and water together for safe cleaning solution for the sign before thoroughly rinsing and drying it before turning it back on again.

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